Thursday, November 17, 2011

Condom !!

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That day I was listening songs on mobile FM Radio. After song was cover, one advertisement(ad) started, so as usual I changed radio station. On another channel also one ad was going. I moved to third station. There also one advt was going on. On second station, advt of one Condom company was just ending and I heard last word of ad “……..Condom”. On third station one cement companies ad was ending. Their last sentence was, “………….Sadiyon ke liye” If  both the words are heard within seconds it heard as “…..Condom, sadiyon ke liye”

Oh ! that’s amazing, I got some fishy idea. Almost all things which we are using in our day today life are advertised on Radio and TVs and almost all the products are sold with products’ famous tag line which covers from toothbrush, salt, clothes, cars etc almost everything. For ex. Raymond carry tag line of ‘Raymond, The Complete Man’ or Nokia with ‘Connecting People’

Now suppose all these companies started to produce Condoms by keeping their same tag line….then just imagine…….I am giving some examples of such marketing line. I am not telling anything…you just read, think and enjoy.

Tata Sky – Isko laga dala to life jhingal la la !!!

Big Bazaar – Isase sasta aur achha kahi nahi.

Pepsi – Ye dil mange more

Cadbury – kuch mitha ho jaye

D-Mart – daily saving

Idea – No Idea - Get Idea

RIN powder – Chamakate rehna

Ujala – Char Bundo wala

Maggi – Sirf Do Minute

Nokia – Connecting people

Biyani cementi – Sadiyon ke liye

Raymond – The complete man

Itch guard – khujali ha happy ending

Kurkure- Tedha hai par mera hai

Ghadi Detergent Powder- Pehle istemal kare fir vishwas kare

Zandu balm – Ek balm Tin kam  ( ? )

Pepsodent – Long lasting protection (hmmmm!!!)

Amul – Utterly butterly delicious

Clinic Plus shampoo – Strong and long!!!

Energiser Batteries – Keeps Going And Going And Going

Intel – Intel Inside

Mentos – Dimag Ki Batti Jala De !!

McDonald’s – I’M Loving It!!

Blogger.Com - Push Button Publishing

Fiat - Driven By Passion.

Hyundai - Drive Your Way

Life's Good – LG

McDowell’s Signature – Mera No. 1

SAMSUNG - Everyone's Invited

SONY - Like. No. Other.

Star Sports - We Know Your Game

TCS - Beyond The Obvious

TOYOTA - Touch The Perfection

VOLKSWAGEN - Drivers wanted

Windows XP - Do More With Less

Kit Kat- Have A Break

Nike - Just Do It

MICROSOFT- Your Potential. Our Passion

DLF – Building India

Onida TV - Neighbor's Envy, Owner's Pride

Philips - Let's Make Things Better

BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Syntel - Consider IT Done

Yellow Pages - Let Your Fingers Do The Walking.

Calvin Klein  -  Between Love And Madness Lies Obsession.

Jet Airways   -   The Joy Of Flying

Nissan (CAR) -  Enjoy The Ride.

Pepsi -  The Taste Of A New Generation.
Pepsi  -  For Those Who Think Young.
Pepsi -  Pepsi Hits The Spot.

Navratrna – Thanda Thanda Cool Cool

Mountain Dew- Kyoni Daar Ke Age Jit Hai

Sonata Watch – Wait Mat Kar

Maruti Alto – Let’s Go

MDH Masale – Spice Of India

Revital – Jiyo Ji Bhar Ke

Coca Cola India – Bbbuuuurrrrrrrrrr !!!!

Limca – Do Pal Tajagi

Airtel – Dil Jo Chahe Paas Laye

Bada Hai To Behter Hai

Asian Paints – Har Rang Kuch Kehta Hai

Reliance – Kar Lo Duniya Mutthhi me

Tata Docomo – Do the New

Honda Unicorn – Race your Spirit

Raid and taylor- Bond with the best

Hero Honda Pleasure scooty – why should boys have all the fun ?

Hero Honda – Dhak Dhak Go !

Surf Excel – Daag Acche hai..

Surf – Dho dala

And last but not the least

Radio City- Bajate raho !!!



amazing thinking really and thanks for indirectly help me in advertising project which is depend on the theme of Advertising Slogan.

November 20, 2011 at 8:19 PM
Ashish Sawant said...

Thanx Shirkant

November 20, 2011 at 8:45 PM